WhoWE ARE - Marketing Agency

We are a Czech full-service markeging communications agency, which has been operating on the market for a quarter of a century, belonging to the founding members of the Association of Communication Agencies (AKA).

Thanks to many years of experience, we can offer our clients a highly professional solution for all orders, both large campaigns and partial tasks. The philosophy of the agency is to be a trusted partner to the client, who does not prefer to maximize their own short-term profit, but seeks optimal long-term co-operation to keep the client consistently positive sales results.


Our team

As they say, unity is power, however in every advertising agency There are two camps. Creatives and accout managers. The result of common brainstorming is the cutting of arguments in which we try to listen to each other. The dialogue moves us further. To have your opinion and to be able to apply it in the interest of the whole brings the desired innovations. In both camps we have equally strong players with many years of experience. We create a functional team And we realize the irreplaceability of its parts. Some of us have been in advertising for 25 years, we learn from each other and we still enjoy it!



Member of Asociace Komunikačních Agentur
We are member of Asociace Komunikačních Agentur.